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About me and my business venture. I want to help grow employment and capital within our great city of Mountain Grove.

1% Ownership Mountain Grove Woodworking LLC Membership

In the year 2020, I, Anonymous JD aka JD Freely, will be starting Mountain Grove Woodworking LLC within the city of Mountain Grove, MO 65711.

Mountain Grove Woodworking LLC will be a legal LLC within the State of Missouri with only 50 Members. Unlimited numbers of “members” are allowed but the company will only have 50 at a time for right now with someday 100 Members.

The Attorney is local but and the Accounting Dept. will be in West Plains, MO. The Member at first can make the product line for the three months until a Local Sales Representative who does not excel in their sales career gets demoted to the Production Dept. with the Members. They will not be losing employment but promoting themselves and the company locally and national the best they can so they can later see the respect will will be giving to the Sales Dept. during company events.

Members will earn a 1% ROI or Rate of Investment each month with full documentation of company profits and expense reports to justify the payment or ROI.

The company will working with the local Arvest Bank and along with a local attorney and accounting firm. Again promoting economic growth. As well as help from the State of Missouri.